Never Gamble on Inexperienced Gas Line Services

Contact a skilled plumbing contractor for services in La Mesa, CA

Installing or working near gas lines requires an experienced professional. Do you require gas line repair or replacement services? Contact your local plumbing contractor at GPM Plumbing for gas services in the La Mesa, CA area.

Slow leaks or gas buildups can be incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. Call 619-304-6476 today for prompt and professional gas line repair and replacement services.

What are the common signs of a gas leak?

Natural gas isn't always easy to spot. Paying close attention to early warning signs of a leak could save your life. Contact us immediately if you notice:

  • Rotten egg or sulfur smells
  • Hissing noises near gas appliances or the source itself
  • Dead or faded grass near gas lines
  • Feelings of dizziness, nausea or fatigue

If you notice any of these signs, evacuate your home right away and call professionals. GPM Plumbing will arrive promptly and complete your services with care in La Mesa, CA.

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